Yuanlih Group

Operating Philosophy

Gathering experience for 40 years, the Yuanlih Group started as an electrical & plumbing engineering services business. Famous landmark projects include such as buildings as the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, The Grand Hyatt, and the Aurora Plaza.

Over the past four decades, with its solid and steady operating style, the long-term quality-first strategy, and the steady step-by-step growth, Yuanlih has progressed from a high-end construction sub-contractor to being the expert in managing large apartment complexes. Yuanlih is now the leader driver behind the construction of luxury housing in Taiwan that often shakes up the market. Yuanlih has devoted considerable efforts to each step such as land development, design and planning, quality construction, apartment complex management, sustainable services, development of ideal locations, flexibility of planning and design, and compatibility between buildings and the environment. All these issues are taken into account to create the best possible building for that location. And that is why today Yuanlih is able to lead the luxury housing market.

Impressive masters from home and abroad are hired to create landmark buildings that will stand the test of time while, internally, vertical leadership is integrated to ensure timeliness and quality. Extensive planning ensures the highest construction quality can be delivered to our customers. Moreover, in terms of after-sales service and interaction with clients, Yuanlih upholds the enterprise concept of sustainable development and always strives for perfection. Through the efforts of a special group of employees who continue to enhance proficiency and discipline, construction value and quality are applied to all completed buildings.

Core Value | Three Core Ideas

Yuanlih holds to three core ideas: location, product, and brand. Upholding the concept of integrity, Yuanlih assists clients in selecting good locations, planning out appropriate product, and setting up apartment complex management procedures. From land to life, this creates unique architectural values. The clients ask for Yuanlih’s buildings because they are not only comfortable but also safe and a winner in the housing market.

1. Location: strict selection of good locations with irreplaceable value.
2. Product: “smart creation” of quality products using internationally renowned teams, adopting innovative construction methods, using high-quality building materials and equipment, as well as devising people-oriented planning.
3. Brand: creating a positive brand image, providing high-end property services and customer-oriented apartment complex management, as well as creating a warm housing environment.

Yuanlih Gene | Seven Criteria for Good Housing

1. In the process of building houses, we establish a high-standard construction environment to make sure that the physical and mental health of all workers is taken care of. We hold ourselves to very rigorous criteria for final acceptance of a building. This can only be achieved if all team members are operating at peak ability. Therefore, the company goes to great pains to protect workers and construction safety.
2. After construction is completed, Yuanlih appoints an impartial third party with strict acceptance criteria to undertake the inspection of construction quality, performance, and appearance such as electromechanical systems, drainage, generators, flood doors, lightning rods, ground resistance, firefighting equipment, air conditioning, monitoring of weak currents, masonry, and wall plastering. If any problems are found they will be immediately taken care of.
3. Keeping up with international architectural trends and introducing the latest building materials and technology, Yuanlih continues to improve itself with respect to dwelling space, art and aesthetics, everyday aesthetics, and high-standard comfortable housing.
4. Yuanlih provides a customer service team to explain how to use indoor facilities and equipment and to carry out home inspections. The inspection items are: television, telephone, sockets, internet access, emergency push-button, surface drainage, air conditioner drains and others.
5. Attaching great importance to apartment complex management, Yuanlih has a good after-sales service process, conducts checks on the external walls of the buildings, undertakes the projects for maintenance of large trees and plantings in apartment complexes, gives thoughtful reminders during the typhoon and flood season.
6. Assisting the occupants in indoor decoration and management, Yuanlih provides professional technical guidance on decoration to prevent building structures from being damaged or indoor planning patterns from harmful effects as a result of carelessness in the decoration process. It eliminates related issues by tracking the head source of work process.
7. Upholding the people-oriented concept, prior to the establishment of the residents’ committee, Yuanlih acts as the director to set up the management procedures, hold activities and carry out safety checks on all equipment. After that, when the residents’ committee is organized, it can facilitate the development of the apartment complex by following those procedures.

Apartment Complex Management | Developing Artistic Apartment Complexes

Paying special attention to developing artistic apartment complexes with unique style, Yuanlih provides a bespoke art collection for each apartment complex, including sculptures, paintings, and other international works of art. With the spirit of architecture enriched by arts, every Yuanlih’s building is also like an art gallery. Setting up friendly and affectionate apartment complex management organization creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere among the households by arranging a variety of social activities. Furthermore, before the establishment of the residents’ committee, Yuanlih acts as the director to set up the management patterns, hold celebration activities for the residents such as festive cocktail parties, concerts, sharing of works of art, exercise programs, and others. Thus, the whole complex is like a big family full of human kindness and once moved in, you will be reluctant to leave.