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Associated Enterprises

Entering the “conquering the world” stage, PX Mart has created a smart headquarters and becomes the most solid supporter behind the colleagues in the front line of supermarkets. It provides consumers with excellent shopping experience and its outlets were founded specifically to suit their needs, a market leader for consumers to buy happiness.


PX Mart created a supermarket chain full of shopping enjoyment for consumers, hence Taiwan's number one, world-class supermarket.


Base on “Buying happiness” core idea to create a happiness business.

Brand Concept

The price is reasonable, the quality is reassuring, the site selection is attentive, and the service is considerate.

PX Mart has operated for 17 years in Taiwan and it has outlets all over the country from bustling metropolis to remote villages and offshore islands. Adhering to the four principles of “price reasonable, quality reassuring, site selection attentive, and service considerate,” it has become the shopping center for Taiwanese to purchase necessities of life.

Starting from 66 dry-goods outlets to the ones selling fresh food and cosmetics, it has more than 900 outlets in Taiwan and becomes the largest supermarket chain. With the establishment of the world's largest logistics system and Taiwan's largest fresh food processing center, it set up the first food safety inspection and research center among channels, and hopes to make a feeling of great happiness into the shopping experience on PX Mart goods, to elevate it speedily to the world-class level. PX Mart aims to not only be economical and convenient for consumers but also provide them with a better shopping experience. In addition to the four principles of “reasonable, reassuring, attentive, and considerate,” it intends to enable consumers to pursue a better life.


Hwatai Bank, formerly The Second Credit Cooperative of Taipei, was founded in 1933 during the Japanese colonial era. On January 1, 1999, it was restructured and renamed Hwatai Bank. Adhering to the tenets of prudent operation and sincere service its predecessor held, Hwatai Bank has been supported by the public and social celebrities. After 73 years of considerable efforts, its financial structure is solid, business is deep-seated, and operation base is strong. Therefore, it is a commercial bank with a history that is adequate for clients to feel reassuring and trust.

Safety & Comfort

Providing a neat and bright reception counter, and a comfortable service environment, all its branches pass the firefighting safety inspection. The automated teller machines are equipped with privacy screen filters so that clients are able to enjoy its quality service in a safe and comfortable environment.

Health Guardian

In order to protect your health, all branches equipped with blood pressure machines offer the service of taking blood pressure free of charge. In addition, health publications (e.g. Therapeutic Handbook of Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia) are also provided to remind you the importance of health care. Furthermore, Hwatai pays great attention to your health by holding every year for free at least ten hepatitis screening activities and six or more health lectures.

Considerate Care

To protect your savings, if the money clients remit or deposit in non-applicant's account without using a bankbook or seniors withdraw surpasses the limit, Hwatai will make a few enquiries for concern. If you need to take a taxi, it can offer a taxi calling service. Moreover, it provides clients with free umbrellas, lightweight raincoats, presbyopic glasses, warm water, hair dryers, masks, sewing box, and other services, should any inconvenience arises.

Treating Guests Like Family

To provide you with like-home services, in addition to formulating a standard service process, it offers “treating guests like family” services, such as according guests a warm welcome and reception and saying goodbye affectionately to them, by standing up from the seat, a more like-home considerate and quality service.