About Yuanlih Group

International Building Brand

Gathering strength for 40 years, the Yuanlih Group, starting from water and electricity business, once undertook the landmark projects such as “Far Eastern Plaza,” “Grand Hyatt,” and “Aurora Plaza.” With gaining of solid construction strength, it has won dozens of gold awards for architecture achievement. Earning more than typical NT$40 billion in revenue, the brand is deeply trusted among the clients. Keeping up with the world trend, the group invited international masters to work together as a team, including Pritzker Prize winner Sir Richard Rogers, interior designer Sir Kelly Hoppen whose clients include the British royal family, Italian bespoke master for boutique space Lorenzo Tondelli, and others, in the hope of bringing new living experience to occupants as well as leaving landmarks for Taiwanese to be proud of

Appreciation of New Work

Innovative Architectural Aesthetics

A quality building’s priority is safety and warranty for sustainable inheritance. Paying special attention to the structure of the building, the Yuanlih Group aims to construct comfortable and safe houses for occupants by innovating construction methods in terms of each case and going with quality and intelligent building materials, with efficient use of space.

Work Collection

Designing Art Buildings

Yuanlih insists on pursuing strict and perfect quality of construction and every Yuanlih building thus become a sight that changes the block landscape. From architectural vocabulary to landscape design and space planning, Yuanlih’s buildings perfectly interpret the meaning of contemporary architecture and exhibit elegant tastes.

Urban Renewal

Creating New Life

Starting from a people-oriented approach, Yuanlih launched into urban renewal projects with the aim of improving old buildings’ safety issues, designing new and safe earthquake-resistant buildings, and creating new blocks. As a result, old apartment complexes can be restored and the housing quality for the original occupants be enhanced, so that nearby residents would be looking forward to the future of the new city.

Sustainable Services

Sustainable Services for Apartment Complexes

Over the past 40 years, well-established Yuanlih has held the idea of providing clients with ongoing care and treating them like its own family. Therefore, the quality is controlled by following the nine steps for smooth delivering of the house. In addition, sustainable services for apartment complexes are provided and irregular checks on the safety of all equipment are conducted including concierge services, repairs, water and electricity supply, and electromechanical services so that the occupants can reside without worries. Every apartment Yuanlih has built is the quality one worthy of the clients’ lifetime trust. To enable a blueprint for clients’ happiness is what Yuanlih has been persisting by creating “happy apartments.” As a good reputation has been earned from loyal fans for the sustainable services, Yuanlih makes every effort to improve itself and naturally becomes the brand of choice for consumers to purchase a house.