Grand Garden Mansion I in Taipei’s Wenshan District

Surrounded by green areas in three parks, a granite castle cultivated by large trees is now a priceless collection

In Grand Garden Mansion, a scene of woods and hills meets your eyes when you open the window and the park is in front of the gate. Living here, you would love to take a walk. The whole building covered with granite carved with great care attests to its classic status. When returning home amid natural scenery, your body and mind rest in the most beautiful castle. Meeting with arts in the museum-level hall, feeling honored in the magnificent concierge hall, all of these are only provided to friends like you by Yuanlih’s new cultural landmark Grand Garden Mansion.

The apartments equipped with all facilities have received warm responses from occupants. Do it now while you still have the chance!

Surrounded by green areas in three parks, Grand Garden Mansion was covered with granite on the exterior in a baroque style with stone mosaics laid in the hall and elevator hall. A variety of public areas are provided, such as the multifunctional banquet hall, cooking classroom, gym, yoga classroom, karaoke lounge, reading area with coffee, garden in the air with a 360-degree panorama of the city, for the purpose of banquets, fitness, reading, recreation, and sharing. The 30.5 percent of the common area percentage is fairly low and thus the use of the apartment is highly efficient. In addition, a variety of practical equipment are offered such as YKK airtight windows, imported kitchen utensils, oven, dishwasher, dish drier, TOTO electric toilet seats, warm-air drier, German wooden floors, and Mitsubishi variable-frequency cold and warm air conditioners. During holidays, activities such as making handicrafts, sharing of artworks, afternoon tea are being held. With effective use of public facilities as well as harnessing the support of the residents, along with the condition of the natural environment and product planning, it becomes the most noticeable case in Wenshan District.

整體規劃 | 15F/P3、112戶(56~62坪)

環境商圈 | 木柵生活圈及興隆生活圈

隸屬學區  明道國小

接待中心 | 台北巿文山區忠順街二段85巷19號3樓

服務電話 | (02)2356-8888