Classical & Technology, Nangang District, Taipei City

Year of construction: 2010

Overall planning: 14 floors above ground, 4 floors underground; 164 units; the area of 1 unit is about 65 to 160 pings

Nearby environment: Next to Nangang Software Park, near to Taipei Metro Nangang Software Park Station


The area of the base is about 1,600 pings, and the perimeter of the base is approximately 300 meters. With pedestrian walkway with the width more than 9 meters and 38 camphor trees planted around the base, the condominium building is just like a magnificent castle under protection, which manifests the luxury and elegance of the condominium building. Classical & Technology has inherited the classical style of Yuanlih. As a king overlooking the cold forest of modern buildings in Nangang Software Park, it must be the focus of the eyes of people. Showing a self-composed, humble and intelligent taste, Classical & Technology is truly a castle with strong attraction only for the rich ladies and gentlemen from Taipei City.