Irritating window problems

It is difficult to get windows clean because wiping with a rag usually leaves water marks or lint. You are recommended to use old newspaper to clean windows to make them shinning.

However, how to use newspaper to wipe the glass? It is suggested that tear a small sheet out of newspaper, and crumple it up into a ball and then moisten it with water before wiping the glass with it. After the dirt is wiped off, fold the paper into a small piece and use it to wipe dry the glass. Finally, the glass is shining brightly!

It also works if you use a detergent to clean the glass. Because newspaper fibers are solid and seldom stay on the glass, and have excellent water absorbency, mixing newspaper printing ink with a detergent will make the glass cleaner and brighter.

Besides, did you know that if you want to wipe clean windows, pick a cloudy day! Because the moisture content is high in the air during cloudy weather, you can remove the dust with gentle wipes.

Moreover, wiping the glass in the blazing sun is subject to reflection, and thus you cannot see clearly whether the windows have been wiped clean. As a result, do not rush to clean the windows when the sun is high in the sky. Wipe them as you like after the sun disappears.